Avoid Jail with These Drunk Driving Defenses

Avoid Jail with These Drunk Driving Defenses

Drunk driving is a criminal offense that can result in jail time,especially after repeated violations. Motorists should be disciplined enough to abstain from liquor if you plan to drive afterward. However,not all is lost if you get charged with DUI. It is still possible to avoid jail with the[dcl=6957] listed below

Arbitrary Stoppage

The police cannot ask anyone to pull over without reasonable basis. There must be an observable suspicious activity,such as speeding or swerving. A simple hunch of DUI is not enough. If the stop was arbitrary,then the evidence gained from it can become inadmissible in court.

Faulty Field Sobriety Test

Regardless of blood alcohol level,failure to pass a field sobriety test can result in a DUI arrest. Defendants can counter this by pointing out flaws in its administration. Lawyers may point out failure to follow protocol or inappropriate conduct.

Questionable Sample Integrity

A licensed lab technician should perform a blood alcohol analysis on the suspect right after the arrest. Unreasonable delays can tarnish the results. Improper handling of the samples even after the test can also lead to questions about its integrity.

Alternative Causes

What appears are drunken behavior may in fact be symptoms of a different medical condition. Someone who has neurological issues can slur his speech,fail to understand questions,or stumble while walking. The smell of alcohol may actually be the effect of ketosis which is common among diabetics.

Failure to Follow Rules and Procedures

The police must inform suspects of their Miranda rights when they are placed under arrest. There should not be any interrogations without the consent of counsel. When presenting evidence in court,the prosecution cannot rely on hearsay or unauthenticated documents.

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