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Greetings from across the pond!

Today we learned that our little girl is quite the Monkey! She can walk up the slide sideways (while carrying toys) and walks up steps 2 at a time (while carrying toys)!! We suspect that she may be able to drive a car! All of these little hidden talents that she has yet to show us. Everyday she come farther out of her shell and demonstrates her superior toddler intelligence. I'll bet that she even knows a foreign language too, like Russian or something. We have confirmed that she is potty trained but her pot is about the size of a teacup. We are afraid that she will fallin and drown in our big American toilets.

Speaking of toilets...we did state that there is no toilet paper. Basically, you have to bring your own wherever you go. We were prepared for this and did smuggle a few rolls of our own through customs. Good restaurants and pay toilets do come with paper that resembles crepe paper for party decoratoring. Well, enough potty talk!

Since our facilitator is now busy with another couple who arrived yesterday, we have been traveling with a new translator, who is from this town. She has taken us to a few good local restaurants where we had Ukrainian barbeque and Ukrainian pizza. Ah, food we recognize! Previosuly, everything we ate had chicken skin on it! She also showed us where all the good
shoe stores were, so life couldn't be better.

We are going to take a side trip to Odessa this weekend. cause, well, we're here now and don't plan on being back in the area for at least a few months! (HA!)

These picture were taken in the play room at the orphanage. The slide she fearlessly climbs is located to the left of the happy family. We hope to get another picture soon of her smiling, cause she does, and laughs too. And knocks back bottles of baby food and vodka like there is no tommorrow! (Hmmm, maybe THAT'S why she is so small. . .:-)


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