Romanian Adoptions

Russian Adoptions - Fees - Ukranian Adoptions

Generally children come directly from the maternity hospitals as newborn infants into our Bucharest foster homes. Assignment of a child is given to you by video. The child lives with the foster Dad and Mom in this loving nurturing environment while the adoption paperwork is completed. Upon entering a foster home the child has been checked for HIV, HEP B and Syphilis and has been given a clean health report. Baby immunizations and checkups are regulary scheduled. Before the court date the child is taken to the Bio-Medica Clinic in Bucharest for a final exam and blood work. Our agency now owns an apartment in Bucharest for our families to stay in if they would like to travel over to see the child before the adoption. The age of the child at the time of adoption is usually 6 months and up. Families travel 4 weeks after the court to receive the child. Stay in the country is only a few days to receive the child's visa. You will find our qualified staff in Bucharest well experienced in helping you and your child. We encourage families to travel to Romania. When it is not possible, escort service is available.

Couples and single women can adopt. The age of adoptive parents is flexible. Boys, girls, and sibling groups are available.

The average time for the adoption process is 9-12 months from your application approval.

The three steps for doing a Romanian Adoption:

1. An approved application. Contact our office to have one sent to you or you can download the application.

2. Apply with Immigration and Naturalization Dept. by downloading the 1600A form at their website.

3. Contact a Licensed Adoption Agency in the state you reside to do a home study. New Hampshire families will receive this information with the approval of their application.

4. Call our office to request a packet or click here.


Russian Adoptions - Fees - Ukranian Adoptions


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