Three Things Businesses should Learn from Google’s Office

Three Things Businesses should Learn from Google’s Office

Google’s offices are perhaps the most unique and most charismatic offices in the world. They are known for their inventiveness,playfulness,and quirkiness that make everyone wish they were employed in the company. All the cool and amazing infrastructure,interior design,and features are not just for aesthetic purposes. There is actually science behind these things and it is Google’s way to encourage productivity and creativity among their employees.

Here the best three things that every business should learn from Google’s offices.

Employees have different work environment preferences

Google’s offices offer a wide variety of working spaces – they have open plan areas,random nested seats,and even secluded areas behind bookshelves. Open plan areas have been key concepts in many modern businesses,including coworking space providers such as The Garage Society. Google respects the different preferences of their employees in terms of their workspace. This is why they create different working areas to suit almost every personality. This way,they are able to bring out the best in everyone and make them more productive.

Your choice of color in the office really matters

As colorful as its logo,Google’s offices have bold color schemes,with splashes and pops of hues making every space more interesting. The vibrant colors do not only make the workspace fun and lively,they also help set the mood of the people and promote creativity.

A good workplace inspires workers

Google believes that happy employees work harder. This is the main reason they spend huge amounts in improving every aspect of their offices. Their offices usually have nap pods,onsite fitness gyms,bowling alleys,slides,and many other entertaining features,not to mention free gourmet food. This is the company’s way to encourage their people to do their best.

Google is a great example of how businesses should take good care of their employees. They inspire businesses,big and small,to create a nice and comfortable working environment where employees can be creative,comfortable,and productive both for their individual careers and the company they work for.

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