Ukrainian Adoptions

New Hope Christian began bringing children from Ukraine in 1993. This program continues to go very well and families who have adopted through this program will gladly encourage you to adopt a child from Ukraine. Dr. Gregory, a Ukrainian surgeon, works with our families in locating a child or children to adopt while in Ukraine. Once a family is paper ready their file is sent to Dr. Gregory in Ukraine for translation and submitted to the Adoption Center in Kiev. Families often go together. We prepare the families to stay for 3-4 weeks, but some stays are shorter and a few are longer. The trip is an experience in adventure for those wishing to see their child before adopting and for those families welcoming a hands-on experience to the adoption process. Families who have used this program come back with vivid memories and photos to share with their children for years to come.

Families arrive in Kiev, Ukraine and leave from Warsaw, Poland where the child's visa is issued.
Couples and single women can adopt. Children can be from infants on up. This program has been popular for families wanting to adopt two children at the same time as it is more cost effective than other programs for doing two children.

The three steps for doing a Ukrainian Adoption:

1. An approved application. Contact our office to have one sent to you or you can download the application.

2. Apply with Immigration and Naturalization Dept. by downloading the 1600A form at their website.

3. Contact a Licensed Adoption Agency in the state you reside to do a home study. New Hampshire families will receive this information with the approval of their application.

4. Call our office to request a packet or click here.


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